Transportation in Toledo, Spain


There are so many different busses and bus routes here. It is like how the bus system works in New York or in any other city! Of course, there are other methods of transportation such as cars and taxi cabs. You can also take the train to Madrid. However, trains are not that common in Toledo. 

How do people get around?:

Taking the bus to your destination is super common. People can take a bus ride for about less than one euro in Toledo. People also use taxi cabs and those are relatively cheap. However, depending on where you are going, sometimes there are fixed prices. Walking is also common in Toledo. Cars are usually the last option from what I've noticed!

How did I feel when I tried this way of getting around?:

I felt relaxed in Toledo because I didn't have to drive, but stressed because I did not completely know all of the bus routes. I relied on a local travel App that helped me get around because it had all of the local bus routes. 

Is this way of getting around connected to the culture and environment, How?:

I would say that it is a part of the culture to take the bus here because not a lot of people have cars which is completely normal. This is compared to the U.S.