Jesse's BackyardBio Expedition

Current Location

Qinghai Province, China

Do you know what's living in your own backyard? We're on a mission to connect more deeply with the wildlife all around us, sharing backyard discoveries from around the world! What will you find?


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BackyardBio is all about exploring. Maybe you don't live in the remote Himalaya or the jungles of Borneo, but wherever you are there are tons of really amazing creatures just waiting to be discovered.

Field Notes

Guest explorer Charlotte Hacker is a Fulbright Scholar and snow leapoard researcher who has spent a lot of time in China's "backyard": the Tibetan Plateau! Let's ask her: What animals live there?


Researcher Lynn Von Hagen has spent a lot of time investigating elephant-human interactions in Kenya. Her Kenyan "backyard" is home to a wide variety of incredible wildlife--big and small.