Jesse's BackyardBio Expedition

Current Location

Green River, Wyoming

Do you know what's living in your own backyard? We're on a mission to connect more deeply with the wildlife all around us, sharing backyard discoveries from around the world! What will you find?


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Shawna Mattson, a teacher from Green River, Wyoming, coordinated the biggest high school BackyardBio participation in the U.S! Her class made many discoveries, and she's sharing how you can, too!

Field Notes

Hi, my name is Mai, and I recently camped at the edge of a mysterious, remote rainforest in south central Madagascar to learn which animals called this forest home. Here's what I discovered!


Shawna Mattson, a high school science teacher in Green River, WY, did a fun BackyardBio activity with her students outside the school building. See what they found and try it out with your students!