Traveler Bio

Hi! I'm Jesse! I'm a science communicator and I love exploring new places around the globe, sharing my love of nature with the public and helping other super cool scientists and explorers connect with kids worldwide. I've been lucky enough to travel the world to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, hike through forests in Madagascar in pursuit of lemurs, see ancient wonders of the world in Jordan and beyond. This global perspective has changed how I live and think here in Canada.

My biggest love has always been wildlife, and for this expedition I'll be exploring biodiversity in my own neck of the woods and encouraging you to join me! BackyardBio is all about getting out to observe, document and share the cool creatures that live near you, be it in local parks or your own backyard. From birds singing to a bevy of ants underfoot, squirrels galore to turtles and frogs in local streams, there's so much to explore!

This fall, I'll be heading out into the wilds of Toronto to see what I can find, taking pictures to share along the way! I'll also be inviting explorers around the world to share what they've found in their backyards, so we can showcase the incredible biodiviersity of our planet. Visit for more information on how you can share your backyard discoveries. Together we'll see what lives in backyards around the globe and be inspired to learn more about what shares our home with us!