The Mystery Tree of Wonder


For years I have walked down the Humber River Ravine, enjoying the bevy of plants and animals that live right in my backyard. But there was one tree that defied description. It just seemed to be made of too many parts of other trees and didn't fit in with any of the others. What was it?

What does this creature or plant look like?:

This tree is super cool because it looks like a hybrid mutant tree! The bottom bark near the ground is tough and gnarly and brown, but then the rest of the trunk and branches have soft white bark like a birch tree. The leaves all have one side that is dark green and one side that is bright white. This makes the tree shimmer like silver everytime a breeze passes by. And finally, to top off the weirdness, it has different shaped leaves! Some are just pointy like a triangle, and others look much more like maple leaves. It's all very confusing!

How did I feel when I saw it?:

This tree feels like an old friend. And best of all, I always know just where to find it since trees can't exactly run away. Every time I come down the trail, I'm always excited to see my favorite tree. It's huge, and no matter what season it is or what the light is like, it always looks a little different. I like to give it a pat every time I go by to let it know I'm thinking of it! When it shimmers in the breeze, it's magical, and you could just watch it for hours!