Jimmy and Kelly's Journey to România

Current Location

Bucharest Romania

For my whole life, I have wanted to travel and live in a faraway land. This past fall my wife Kelly and I moved from Texas to Romania. Join us on our journeys in this incredible country!


Traveling in Jordan was wonderful. At the ancient 2,000-year-old stone city of Petra, we saw many more wild animals than we normally see in Bucharest. Here's a little bit about what we explored.


I can't believe it's already been six weeks. It's been an excellent experience writing about and reflecting on our time in Romania and the other five countries we've traveled to during our time here.

Field Notes

The environment of the 350 year old Brâncoveanu Monastery has remained an unmovable fixture in Romanian history. Though destroyed many times it is now one of the most beautiful monasteries in Romania.


More than the home of vampire legends, Transylvania is a region in central Romania with rich history and culture, medieval castles and snowy, mountainous landscapes.