Jonathan's Journey to Singapore

Current Location


Hey there! My name is Jonathan and I'm excited to share my experiences as a college student in Singpaore. Let's take a look at some of Singapore's food, culture, and beautiful sights together!


During my first week in Singapore, I had a wonderful time adjusting to the area! The city was gorgeous, the animals were interesting, and the food was unbelievable!


When you travel to other places you cannot help but change some of the ways you view the world. Many of my own perspectives on the world were challenged by my time in Singapore!  

Field Notes

While in Singapore, I came across a unique statue that seemed to be a combination of two distinctly different animals. I had never seen a lion mixed with a fish before...I just had to learn more!


On this day, I went hiking through one of the many parks located in Singapore. It felt as if we were exploring a jungle that was lost in time. It was a breathtaking adventure in nature.