Saying Farewell

Originally, one of my motivators for studying abroad was to develop my independence and to challenge my way of living and thinking. The very nature of living away from home, in a foreign country, automatically led me to learn a lot of lessons. I've learned practical ones like how to approach and maintain conversations with new people or how to budget money for rent, food, and traveling. I've learned small lessons like how to fold a shirt in two seconds (<= Check out this tutorial!) or how to cut my own hair. But most notably, I discovered a need for silence in my life. I learned to make a conscious effort to separate myself from all the “noise” that comes in the form of other people, social media, and entertainment. There is a different sense of peace and joy in having a quiet time to just be still, ponder, and reflect. I'd encourage you to try it! 

I also learned a lot about myself: my passions (eating and cooking) as well as my shortcomings. I learned that self-discipline is an art requiring diligence and effort that I was not prepared to give. I learned that the internet can either be an incredible resource for learning (from how to cook, dance, pack lightly/efficiently, to how to repair computers) or it can be a source of overwhelming distraction (I am embarrassed to say there have been days where all I did was sleep, eat, browse Facebook, and watch T.V. shows in my bed). I've realized that a form of structure, a daily routine, in your life is vital for being productive! 

Finally, I have a few thoughts that I wanted to share directly with you. Thank you so much for following me on my travels.