Saying Farewell

Stockholm, Sweden
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Journal Entry:

Man… how do I even start? As I look back, it feels difficult to write about my experience without resorting to a scrambled, convoluted babble of stray thoughts and reflections. Four months is a short time in the grand scheme of life, yet the past four months have been completely filled with fond memories of friends, introspective moments, and discovery of new patterns of thought. In this last article, I’m going to briefly share some of my takeaways with the hope that my experiences and my words may encourage and inspire you, in some way, as you walk through your own lives!

My favorite memories from Stockholm are easily the many meals and potlucks I had with my new friends. There is something so deeply special about cooking and coming together to share a meal while enjoying each other's company. I’ll never forget about the time we spent two hours just cutting vegetables for making Bibimbap, or when we squeezed 13 people into a single-studio apartment for Thanksgiving, or even just drinking Chinese tea while snacking on Russian crackers and horse sausage at 10 o’clock at night. Sure, traveling throughout Europe was a lot of fun; however, I've learned that it's not the place that will hold onto your heart, but rather the people with whom you spent your time!