Traveler Bio

Hello, Hej and 你 好!

My name is Joseph Lin, I am 20 years old, and right now I am studying engineering in the country of Sweden, located in northern Europe. My parents moved to California from Taiwan, so I speak Mandarin Chinese and English, and I'm hoping to improve upon my Swedish by the end of my time in Sweden. I really enjoy watching and playing sports, listening to music, sight-seeing, exploring and eating! I intend to pursue all of these interest and more as I explore the rich culture of Sweden. The way people speak and what they value is so different, and for me, this is what is so exciting about visiting and living in another country.

Though I will be living primarily in Stockholm, Sweden, I plan on making many trips in and around Europe to experience the rich diversity of this continent. I am excited to share my adventures with you all and hope they inspire you to go forth and pursue adventure in your own lives! Let's go!