Travel News

How far did I travel this week?:

I didn't get a chance to travel anywhere this week. I've been too busy with final exams! 

How far have I traveled on this journey so far?:

I traveled from Seattle to Khon Kaen, a solid distance of 7,202 miles. I have also traveled to Bangkok, Khao Yai and Chiang Mai, bringing my total mileage to 8,021.

How did I get around this week?:

I rode on the back of my co-fellow's motorcycle, which can be fun, but I definitely enjoy driving my own motorcycle more. 

What was the most interesting place I visited this week?:

I went to the morning market on the university campus, a place I never knew existed! It is only open from 6:00 AM until 8:00 AM. Scattered and sleepy students wandered about the market, grabbing a bite to eat before class. 

Other Travel News from this week:

I just bought a ticket to Phuket! My good friend from Seattle, Washington is currently in Khon Kaen for a quick trip. We will travel to Phuket, a tropical island in Southern Thailand later this week. I will take pictures of the beach to share with you!

Time Zone: ICT Indochina Time +7
Local Time: Nov 7, 2016 6:45am