Kelly's Expedition to Mozambique

Current Location

Tofo, Mozambique

Hi! I'm Kelly, and I am traveling to Tofo Beach, Mozambique to photograph whale sharks and help to protect them in these waters. Want to join me for this amazing adventure? Let's go!


This week has been very eventful for me! From the food that I ate to the animals that I saw, every day was a new experience! 


Anyone can be an explorer. If you are a curious about something you are already thinking like an explorer! Start investigating your topic and set out on your own adventure. 

Field Notes

The ocean is very important in Tofo, Mozambique. Not only does it contain lots of incredible animals, but it also supports the people who call Tofo their home! 


Explorer Kelly King joins us LIVE from Tofo Beach, Mozambique, with updates on her recent interactions with whale sharks. What park of a whale shark is most important to photograph? Let's ask her!