Finding Your Own Adventure

Tofo, Mozambique
-23.856882100000, 35.548001400000
Journal Entry:

I have really enjoyed getting to share my journey with you! When I was younger I never would have guessed that I would be working with whale sharks in Mozambique! I have always loved animals and photography, but I never would have dreamed that I would one day have a job where I could combine my two favorite things. Growing up I had never heard of photographers who work with biologists as a full-time job. National Geographic became one of my favorite magazines when I got older because the photographers capture incredible photos of animals and places I could only dream of. I would always ask myself how cool it would be if I could one day take pictures like that. I loved how the photographers worked alongside scientists (and sometimes the scientists were the photographers!) and their pictures were being used to teach people about so many different topics. Now that I have been lucky enough to work alongside scientists in the field, my love of conservation photography has only grown. Knowing my photographs are now being used to teach people about, and protect an animal I love makes me very proud.

This adventure has led me to some incredible experiences, like getting to see a manta ray for the first time!  Learning Portuguese was not easy for me, but I got to practice every day!