Finding Your Own Adventure

Being able to speak to my neighbors and new friends has helped me feel at home here in Tofo. I've also tried lots of new food, like Matapa. Matapa is a Mozambican dish made from the leaves of cassava (a starchy tuber similar to a potato) and it's usually eaten over rice. I have made some amazing new friends from all over the world, including lots of new Mozambican friends. It is very fun to learn about where all my new friends are from and to learn about their culture. I am very grateful for the time I get to spend in Mozambique and I am so glad I got to share it with you all. 

Adventures don't always have to be done miles away from home though! My first adventures were done in my own backyard with my brothers growing up. We would study bugs, climb trees, read books, and even pretend to be archeologists and dig things up. There are so many ways to be an explorer, you just need to decide to explore! Everyone has interests, and there is much to learn about our interests. If there is something that you are curious about...explore it! 

If there is a topic or thing you want to learn more about, then you're already an explorer! Before an explorer can go on an adventure they first need to figure out the reason for the expedition. Go to the library and see what information you can find out from the books about your topic. Libraries are a great place to learn about a wide variety of topics! You might find out new information you didn't already know, and you might have new questions to investigate. Asking questions and looking for answers is what makes you an explorer! Anyone can be an explorer and an adventure can take place anywhere, you just have to be curious!