Kiaya Rose's Journey to Brazil

Current Location

São Paulo, Brazil

As a Fulbright scholar, I am working in Brazil as an English Teaching Assistant at the Federal University of Lavras.


I didn't have to travel far from Lavras to explore a new place this week: Tiradentes! Tiradentes is a small town with beautiful sunsets and mountains of delicious cheese.


Hi! My name is Kiaya Rose, and before we dive into our adventure in Brazil together, I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself and explain how I ended up in South America.

Field Notes

Have you ever seen graffiti or murals in the United States? Well, in São Paulo, Beco de Batman is an outdoor area filled with incredible murals and street art! Prepare to be amazed.


Attending a university in another country is a learning experience in many ways! Let's take a look behind the scenes of UFLA to see how Brazilian students live and study.