Traveler Bio

Hello! My name is Kiaya Rose Dilsner-Lopez and I was born and raised in New York! In May 2017, I graduated from SUNY Geneseo with double majors in English Literature and Spanish, and double minors in Africana Studies and College Honors. I have always had a deep love of languages, cultures, literature and education! I am excited about working as an English Teaching Assistant in Brazil because I am able to learn more about these topics from my students every day in class! I speak English, Spanish, Portuguese and I am currently learning French! By studying these languages, I've been able to make friendships from all around the world. Many of my international friends have taught me new ways of thinking about food, dance, language and culture! In addition to studying language and culture, my hobbies include painting, creative writing, playing music, taking nature walks and bike riding! On the weekends, you would probably find me exploring new places, chatting with friends or reading a big stack of books in the library!