From Sunshine to Snow Time!


February second is Groundhog Day in America, but not in Cyprus, so I made a poster (and a lesson) explaining the holiday to my students
My sixth graders made groundhogs in art class and tried to predict whether or not Phil would see his shadow; it turns out that he didn't, so we're supposed to have an early spring!
Sometimes spring showers turn the school courtyard into a reflecting pool...
...and bring beautiful flowers to my front yard!
Spring is in hand—Cyprus is home to many, many species of orchids that begin flowering in February!
Some friends and I headed to the mountains to go skiing this past weekend, and we found a little snow (χιόνι)!
Or maybe a LOT of snow, since as we drove higher up the mountain, we went from no snow to over a meter of it in a matter of minutes!
Walking in a winter wonderland