Traveler Bio

Γειά σας (Hello) from sunny Cyprus!

My name is Kirsten Huffer, and for most of my 25 years, I've called Tallahassee, Florida home. As an only child, I grew up loving to explore new places with my family. Traveling excited me because it was a fun way of learning that made the world my classroom.

My love of exploring led me all the way to Davidson College in North Carolina, where I majored in art history and classics. Studying ancient art and languages inspired me to travel to Cyprus to learn more about past cultures. While I was there, I joined a team of archaeologists (scientists who study past peoples through the objects they left behind) and we found buried statues, masks and other artifacts that taught us about Cypriot religion from long ago. The next summer in Cyprus, I created a museum display of 3D prints (plastic copies) of objects from the site I’d helped to excavate. My exhibit was special because students like you could actually touch the 3D prints, just as ancient Cypriots (people of Cyprus) once touched the original objects!

After spending two summers learning about ancient Cypriots, I was eager to return to get to know modern Cypriots. That’s why, after working for three years in U.S. high schools, I applied to be a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Cyprus. Now I’m thrilled to be back in Cyprus teaching English, sharing my adventures with you! There's so much to learn about this amazing island nation... let's go!