Kris' Journey to Mexico

Current Location

Join me in Oaxaca and we will celebrate the wonderful food and traditions of one of the most diverse and culturally rich places in Mexico. 78 indigenous groups live here, and each has a rich culture!


Traveling safely meant taking extra precautions this year like wearing a mask, and making sure I was able to receive COVID19 testing. Luckily, everything went great, and we all stayed healthy.


The city of Oaxaca has many beautiful buildings. The center of the city is easily walkable with a central zocalo, or main square that has a beautiful cathedral.

Field Notes

It's an easy day trip to the Zapotec pueblo called Teotitlan del Valle. To get there you can hop into a tuktuk for a few pesos. A Tuktuk is like a motorcycle crossed with a golf cart!


During our meeting in Google Classroom we talked about fruits, cacao and different indigenous drinks made from corn, nuts and cacao beans. These food photos show you the amazing variety of treats.