Kris' Journey to Mexico

Current Location

Oaxaca, Mexico

Join me in Oaxaca and we will celebrate the wonderful food and traditions of one of the most diverse and culturally rich places in Mexico. 78 indigenous groups live here, and each has a rich culture!


Traveling safely meant taking extra precautions this year like wearing a mask, and making sure I was able to receive COVID19 testing. Luckily, everything went great, and we all stayed healthy.


It is the end of our journey together in Oaxaca, but the opportunity to keep sharing stories will continue! Traveling helps us take on the perspective of others and share where we come from.

Field Notes

Oaxaca's terrain includes mountains, coastline, high desert and temperate forests. This makes it one of the most important and bio-diverse states in all of Mexico.


The Zapotec and Mixtec tribes have a strong presence in Oaxaca. Their pueblos are still well established throughout the state. Ancient ancestors left behind these incredible remnants of the past.