¡Hasta pronto! See you soon!

Oaxaca, Mexico
17.073184200000, -96.726588900000
Journal Entry:

¡Muchisimas gracias por la interesa en Oaxaca, Mexico! Thank you for coming with me on my journey back to Oaxaca, Mexico!

I hope our time together has sparked interest and excitement, not only to see different parts of Mexico, but also to think about the histories and ancestors that brought all of us to where we are now. We all have a fascinating story of where our families come from. It is never too late to ask your neighbors, friends, teachers or family to tell you what they know about their ancestral history or to help you learn more about your own.

During our time exploring Oaxaca, we also reflected on the places and people we see in our own neighborhoods, our favorite foods, unique holidays and art. We learned about the unique animals that thrive in tropical and oceanic environments and important issues of sustainability and natural resources both in Brooklyn and in Oaxaca. There is so much more we could talk about! I hope you will continue to take an interest in Oaxaca and think about the ways your home may be different or similar to others in parts of the world you dream of visiting. I hope your experience with Reach the World travelers has shown you that anyone can be a traveler.