Lindsay's Journey to Japan

Current Location

Akita City, Japan

Hi, I'm Lindsay! I am spending a year in Akita City, Japan, studying Japanese and economics. I can't wait to learn all about Japanese culture and society and share this experience with you!


Learn about the weather this week--there's a chance it might snow (but I doubt it), nature and how glad I am that the bugs are dying (except for the persistent ones in my room).


In my last article, learn a bit about what happens when it snows here. I have had an amazing time telling you about my time in Japan and reflecting on everything I have learned!

Field Notes

The dynamic of family life has changed drastically in just a few decades for Japan! Learn about how it is now more common for women to have jobs, but it is a hard change not fully accepted.


Check out this video from Science Channel about how technology to protect buildings from earthquakes from the 7th century is still used today in famous buildings like the Tokyo Skytree!