Li's Expedition to Colombia

Current Location

Brooklyn, New York

Hi, I'm Li, and I use my microscope to take a closer look at the incredible insects and other small creatures in Colombia's tropical dry forest ecosystem. Let's explore together!


¡Estoy encantada! I love it here! I want to tell you about a week in Barichara. It's a place so beautiful that it inspired the scenery for a recent Disney movie. Maybe some of you have seen Encanto?


I am back in New York City and working with students again here. I am very grateful for this chance to reflect upon and say a temporary "Farewell!" to my times in Colombia.

Field Notes

Are you ready to learn about one of the longest days in the life of a leaf cutter ant queen? Read about this amazing creature, and then see short videos of leaf cutter ants in action!


Did you like reading about a day in the life of a leafcutter ant queen? Are you ready to see this incredible creature in action? I hope you enjoy these videos!