Traveler Bio

Hi, my name is Li, and I love using my microscope to get a closer look at some of the tiniest (but most important) living creatures on the planet. I grew up in Idaho, and I studied biology (living organisms) and geology (rocks and the earth's processes) in college. I'm especially fond of insects and other small creatures. When I'm not observing living things beneath my microscope on the sidewalks and in the parks of New York City, I love to pack up my gear and travel to wild places to investigate different ecosystems.

Right now I'm in Colombia taking a close look at the living things in this region's tropical dry forests. Did you know that the country of Colombia has a full 10% of the world's biodiversity? "Bio" means "life" and "diversity" describes "things that are different". So, if you took all the different living things on the planet and made a pie with 10 slices, the small country of Colombia would have one whole piece to itself! I hope you'll join me as I examine this biodiversity, explore the beauty of even the tiniest insects, and show you firsthand what it means to be a field scientist. Let's go!