Taiwan's Food for Thought


In Chinese, there is a saying「吃飽喝足」which can be read as "chi bao he zu." In English, it means to eat and drink one's fill, and Taiwanese people certainly do love to eat! It's not surprising, as their food is very unique and so delicious. The staple foods in Taiwanese culture include rice and noodles, but beyond that, there are so many snacks and delicacies to try, especially at the infamous Taiwanese night markets. Let's go visit one!

What food did I try?:

During my first visit to a night market in Taiwan, I tried lots of different foods. Night markets open around dinner time and stay open late into the evening or early morning. Stands take up an entire street and owners advertise what they are selling by calling out to you. I first tried an oyster omelette, which is a Taiwanese specialty. It was a bit slimy, but the flavor was fresh. I added some ketchup to mine too! Later, I bought a roasted corn cob and some fried sweet potato balls. There are so many options for food that it can be hard to decide what to try. Next time, I will certainly try different snacks.

How did I feel when I tried it?:

As for the omelette, corn cob and sweet potato balls, I felt that they all tasted a bit different than I expected, which is often the case when you try new food.