Taiwan's Un-BEAR-ably Cute National Animal

Where does it live?:

The Formosan black bear lives in the mountainous forests in the eastern part of Taiwan. It also lives at high elevations, except in the winter, when they come down from the mountain to find food. This means that Formosan black bears never hibernate. Unfortunately, because Formosan black bears are endangered, it is rare to see them in the wild.

How does it use its environment to survive?:

Did you know that Formosan black bears are the only bears on the planet to make temporary nests? This means that when they move to a new place for the winter or summer, they build themselves a new house! These bears find leaves, buds, fruits and roots in the wild to eat. Sometimes they will even eat the flesh of dead animals. 

What can harm this creature or plant? Are we worried about it?:

Even though Formosan black bears are protected by law, illegal hunting of them still continues. But in recent years, there have been sightings of Formosan black bears in the wild, which means not all hope is lost for saving them from extinction. Extinction would mean that there would be no more Formosan black bears in Taiwan or the rest of the world!

Hualien, Taiwan
Location Data:
POINT (120.960515 23.69781)