Lucy's Life in Berlin


Lucy is a 9th grade high school student here in Berlin! She was so excited to be able to answer all of my questions, and she can't wait to hear what American students think about her life! Lucy speaks both German and English fluently, and we spoke English together for her interview.

What do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?:

I like to go to the cafe and buy chocolate croissants for breakfast; they are my favorite! We eat lunch at school most days, which is usually pretty healthy food but sometimes it is really good! For dinner, my mom usually cooks. She makes all kinds of things, but we usually eat vegetables, potatoes, meat (called wurst- pronounced like "vurst") and bread.

What is your house like?:

I live in a three room apartment and live with two other people (my mother and sister) and one dog. Everyone in Germany lives differently. Some people have more money and big apartments or a house, and some don’t. I’d consider my family to be somewhere in the middle.

What chores do you have at home?:

I have lots of chores. I love my mom a lot, and I like to help her do things, so I don't mind doing them. I have to keep my room clean, mostly. I also help with dishes and sorting the trash/taking it out. It is really important to sort out all kinds of trash in Germany: we care a lot about the environment.