Madison's Expedition to Brazil

Current Location

Belem, Para/Bloomington, IN USA

Hey, I'm Madison, and I am a Fulbright Program researcher currently exploring Brazil through the lens of history and immigration. Let's use clues from history to learn about Brazil—and ourselves!


This week, I arrived in Belém, Pará, my last research spot before returning back to the States. This area is close to the Amazon Rainforest and is known for its many ports to the Amazon River. 


As wonderful as my time was in Brazil, all good things must come to an end. Here's a brief overview of my last days in Brazil. 

Field Notes

Living in several very different ares of Brazil has exposed me to a variety of environments and neighborhoods. Depending on where I lived, I had different expectations for each area. Let me show you!


Compilation of Madison's vibrant experiences in Brazil, including cultural traditions, nightlife, daily climates and more!