Maria's Journey to the United Kingdom

Current Location

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Hi there! My name is Maria, and I'm studying philosophy at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. I can't wait to explore the United Kingdom and share my adventures with you!


This weekend, my friend and I explored Bergen, a city in Norway. We boated through fjords, saw sights from trains and hiked down a mountain. Read on to learn more about my weekend in Norway!


I can’t believe our journey together is already over! Join me as I reflect on the lessons I’ve learned from studying abroad.

Field Notes

Charity shops are everywhere in Edinburgh, but what exactly are they? From funding charities to reducing waste to helping locals, charity shops benefit everyone. Read on to learn more!


In Edinburgh, Christmas spirit is already in full swing. Walk around the city's Christmas market with me as I enjoy the festive lights, munch on market classics and experience the holiday magic.