Melati's Journey to Indonesia

Current Location

Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia

Halo, apa kabar (Hello, what’s up)? My name is Melati and I’m in Indonesia for nine months to study fishing communities and coral reefs. Let’s explore southeast Sulawesi together!


I can't believe it's the week of Thanksgiving! The heat and sometimes blinding sunshine I've been experiencing make me think it's still summer here and always will be.


It's been fun writing for your class and virtually meeting you. I've enjoyed sharing my adventures in Indonesia! I hope you have a fun winter ahead!

Field Notes

Turn on the tap in the United States and out comes drinking water you can down by the glass. You'd get sick if you tried this in Asia, though, because water here isn't filtered!


To make Songi, the traditional staple food of many tribes in Sulawesi, Papua and Maluku, you start with sago powder. Add hot water and whip the mixture with a spoon as fast as you can! Quite athletic!