Melody's Journey to Spain

Current Location

Galicia, Spain

I am living in the small, beautiful city of Ourense, Spain. I will be teaching English in a local high school and I'm so excited to share this journey with all of y'all!


Winter break is over and we are returning to our normal routine. After three weeks of being away over break, I had missed Ourense and am happy to stay here this whole month without traveling.


I have really enjoyed sharing some of my Spanish life with all of you through these articles. I am looking forward to video calling soon to talk more with all of you!

Field Notes

Did you know that Spain has a fairly large homeless population? This issue is partly caused by the high rates of unemployment it has seen in recent decades. Read on to see what steps are being taken!


In Galicia, during nice weather, you commonly see white tents set up on the street selling fresh pulpo, or octopus. I'm going to have pulpo withdrawal in June when I go back to the United States!