Adios, Hasta Pronto

I only need to compare myself to my previous amount of knowledge.

Many of my students in my English classes have complained to me about how boring it is to learn English. I understand firsthand how learning a bunch of difficult grammar rules (and all the exceptions to those rules) and lots of vocabulary words may not be particularly fun. However, we need to learn those things in order to speak any language well. Luckily, there are so many interesting ways in which we can learn another language. As I continue to practice Spanish, I love to listen to music and watch movies and T.V. shows in Spanish. And it is always interesting to talk with people in another language about something you enjoy talking about. One day, I asked one of my younger students, who is very good at English, if he likes to practice English. He told me he loves to play his favorite video games with other kids in the U.S. and he speaks to them in English. A language can be so much more fun to practice when we are doing something we love to do in that language. I personally enjoy learning different types of dances, so I joined a Galician traditional dance class here in Ourense. Through listening to and talking with my teacher and the other students, I get to practice Spanish in a very fun way. Learning another language is usually very difficult, but it doesn't always have to be boring. Sometimes it’s up to us to find the fun for ourselves.

I hope that you enjoy learning a new language, too, and that it opens up doors for your own journeys in the future! ¡Adiós!