Micah's Journey to India

Current Location

Bengaluru, India

Hello! I’m Micah from Arizona, but right now I am studying abroad in India. It is a beautiful country full of color and diversity. I am very excited to tell you all about my adventures over here!


I spent the past week in Bengaluru, but on the weekend I took a quick trip to Chennai. I saw plenty of interesting things there that I am excited to share with you!


As I approach my last few days in India, I have a mixture of different feelings. I hope you enjoy reading about my final reflections on my time spent in India...

Field Notes

Communities all around the world have many needs. This week, I did a little research about waste management at my university to learn about how it handles all the trash that is produced every day.


Happy Thanksgiving! This week, I had the opportunity to visit some of my friends from Arizona State University. One of them is working in Dubai, so I have many exciting pictures to share with you!