Waste Management in India


Waste management is an important part of any city. In Bengaluru, everyone knows that there are problems with the waste management system. The piles of the trash in the street say a lot about the challenges that Bengaluru faces when it comes to waste management!

What community need did I learn about?:

This week, I took a look into the waste management problems that Bengaluru is currently experiencing. Here is some surprising information that I found:

First, Bengaluru produces around 5,000 tons of solid waste every single day. Imagine 125 semi trucks packed full of trash, and this is sort of like what 5,000 tons of solid waste might look like. That is a lot of garbage!

Second, Bengaluru's rapid population growth over the last few years has made it difficult for the waste management system to keep up. The current waste management program in Bengaluru can only handle around 2,100 tons of trash per day.

So where does all the extra trash go every day? Unfortunately, it ends up in places it should not go - like on sidewalks and into canals!

Why does the community have this need?:

Every community needs a system for disposing of waste. Imagine if you were never allowed to throw anything away. Your house would fill up with trash very quickly!