Farewell, India!

India is a country torn between traditions and modernity, still in the process of defining itself.

With a growing middle class, individualism seems to be on the rise in India. People here are beginning to have the economic freedom to choose as individuals who they want to be, what they want to fight for in life, and how they want their city to look in the future. This is the most important thing: people here get to choose.

In this country of over a billion people, I am a tiny speck. Around every corner, you can find something unique and surprising - a testament to the country's diversity. This is a country with many challenges, yet so much potential for creativity and innovation. Individualism can descend into chaos if left unchecked. 

But if individualism here is fostered correctly and accompanied with enough education, India's pluralistic society will produce highly engaged citizens who will be a great boon to humanity in the future and solve the great challenges that India faces in this modern day and age.

I feel positive that I will return to this beautiful city some day in the near future. There is no doubt that Bengaluru will look extremely different when I come back, but I am cautiously optimistic that it will be even better than I remembered. Hopefully, with a few more trees than before!