Monet's Journey to Mongolia

Current Location

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Join me on my journey to Mongolia! I just moved to Ulaanbaatar (ooh-lawn-bah-ter), Mongolia from Arizona. I am an English teacher here in UB (short for Ulaanbaatar) and absolutely love my job!


My everyday life in the capital of Mongolia is full of excitement, and this week I covered a lot of ground on foot before the colder weather arrives. We've already had one snow day!


You may be looking forward to the upcoming holiday season, but what holidays do Mongolians celebrate? Let's discover them together!

Field Notes

In Mongolia, it's important to know how people traditionally enter a home, as you wouldn't want to risk offending your host. Let's explore some of the traditions I've witnessed.


Over the past several weeks, it has begun to get very cold here. As you can see in this Album, snow is beginning to appear, and as I write this, it is just five degrees outside!