Living in Colombia: Reflections After Almost One Year

Medellín, Colombia
6.248606900000, -75.574246700000
Journal Entry:

As we approach the end of April, I will have been living in Medellín, Colombia for nine months. Even though it's a short amount of time, it's been filled with experiences and relationships that have opened me up to new possible ways of living and understanding culture. Thinking about leaving in one month is really hard for me. I will miss the people I've become friends with, the exotic fruits I eat almost every day, and the dance and music traditions that bring me such joy. 

During my time here, I've had the opportunity to travel to many parts of the country. In the fall, I visited Quibó in the Chocó region to experience an annual religious festival called the Festival de San Pacho. I also traveled to the northern coast where I explored the beaches and natural landscapes near Santa Marta, as well as the historic old port city of Cartagena. Over winter break I even visited the eastern regions of Colombia, which border Venezuela. It was interesting to learn more about Colombia's cultural diversity, as well as to hear stories from Venezuelans who live in Colombia about the current crisis in their home country. 

Some of the most meaningful experiences I've had in Colombia revolve around the people I've met.