NW Greenland Glaciated Margin Expedition

Current Location

Reykjavik, Iceland

How can rocks and dirt from the ocean floor help scientists predict the future of the massive Greenland Ice Sheet? Climb aboard the scientific drilling ship JOIDES Resolution as we investigate!


This week, instead of sharing just my experiences, I asked lots of other people on the ship to share their experiences as well. I hope you enjoy learning what life is like onboard.


Saying good bye can be hard, and with the end of Expedition 400 aboard the JOIDES Resolution, here are some of my reflections and parting thoughts. Thank you for joining the adventure!

Field Notes

Polar regions (or places near the North and South Poles) are pretty extreme, both in their living conditions and their spectacular beauty. Let's explore what it takes to live in the far, far North!


Where does a fresh core sample from the ocean floor go once onboard the JOIDES Resolution? Join Michelle as she takes us into the laboratory and shows us LIVE how cores are processed and examined!