Extreme Living in the Far, Far North


Do you think you would like to live in a Polar region (near the North or South Poles) or in a place with a particularly cold climate? I find these regions to be some of the most uniquely beautiful and captivating places on our planet. I grew up in Northern Canada and have lived in Alaska for most of my adult life. I also worked at a science research station in Antarctica. I've gotten used to dressing for very cold and windy days. I actually don’t like being cold, but I’ve grown used to it and--most importantly--I’ve learned how to dress properly for harsh environments. Let's investigate what it takes to live in the extremes of the far, far North!

What makes this environment special or different?:

There are two polar regions on Earth. One is in the far north, and the other is in the far south. The far north region is called the North Pole, or the Arctic. The far south region is called the South Pole, or the Antarctic. Can you find these in your atlas or on a globe? If you’re really into geography and atlases, then you can look up lines of latitude that mark these regions. Look for 66.5 degrees North (the Arctic Circle) and 66.5 degrees South (the Antarctic Circle). The land and ocean areas between 66.5 degrees N/S and 90 degrees N/S are the polar regions on our planet.