The End of the Expedition

Reykjavik, Iceland
64.146986800000, -21.940755200000
Journal Entry:

Do you ever spend months looking forward to something exciting, like a vacation or school break? It seems to take FOREVER for the date to arrive! Once the fun starts, it seems like it will continue forever, and then all of a sudden… it’s over! For me, this was how I felt about ending Expedition 400 on the JOIDES Resolution.

Over the weeks we’ve been sailing off the coast of Northwest Greenland, I’ve shared with you some beautiful photos, taken you on tours of the ship and laboratory spaces, and shared the interesting science about glaciers and ocean sediments. All of a sudden, we finished with our last drilling site and started the seven-day transit back to Iceland! How did time fly so quickly?

Before we could officially end the expedition, the ship had to return to Iceland, and the ocean really didn’t want us to leave. During the expedition, we had excellent weather almost every single day. There weren’t any storms that stopped us from drilling (though we had to stop for icebergs a couple of times), which is unusual as many expeditions onboard the JOIDES Resolution must pause drilling at least once for storms. 

But our luck ran out! The captain noticed a storm warning in the forecast, and he advised everyone onboard it might get a little rough on the way back.