Au Revoir! Goodbye!

Béziers, France
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Journal Entry:

Bonjour everyone! It’s crazy how fast our eight weeks together have come and gone. I hope you have enjoyed reading about my adventures as much as I have enjoyed sharing them with you! Together, we have explored the French language and its regional dialects, the history and diversity of Béziers and the types of music popular here (I know you all are curious to go to a 24-hour accordion festival someday!). We have discussed the popularity of rugby, soccer and cycling as well as how community sports are centered around club leagues rather than school ones. Two weeks ago, we discussed French school life, and I showed you the school where I work. Finally, last week we explored the different architectural styles throughout France and the similarities across the country’s infrastructure. In addition to these journals, we have exchanged postcards with one another to demonstrate the possibility and importance of being able to communicate internationally and cross-culturally. 

Our journey together may be coming to an end, but your journeys are just beginning! I challenge you to think about the following questions: