Paavani's Journey to South Korea

Current Location

Hwacheon, South Korea

Join me on my journey, living with a host family and working at an elementary school in Hwacheon, South Korea! 


There was a long weekend in honor of Children's Day recently, and my friends and I took a trip to Gwangju, the sixth-largest city in South Korea.


I've had so much fun sharing my time in Korea with you these past few weeks! Sadly, it is time to say goodbye, but I hope you've enjoyed learning about Korea as much as I've enjoyed writing to you.

Field Notes

Korea is known for its oori (we) culture, where Korea and its people are thought of as one group with a shared history and future. Korea's growing migrant population may be changing this perception.


How do people in Korea spend their free time? In this Album, I share a glimpse of what kids and adults do when they're finished with work and school here--maybe you will find some shared interests!