I Want to Ride My Bicycle


Even though I arrived in Argentina more than a month ago, I haven’t yet had the opportunity to use many of the transportation options. We are all doing our best to flatten the curve of the spread of COVID-19, and we are staying home as much as possible. When I need to go get food, I can walk to at least five different shops near my house. By staying off public transportation, I am keeping a good social distance to keep myself healthy, and I am also letting people who need to use it, like doctors and nurses, travel to work a little bit more safely.

Just because I am not traveling right now doesn’t mean we can’t learn about transportation here, though. Keep reading to learn about all the different ways people get around in Argentina!

How do people get around?:

Buenos Aires is the largest city in Argentina. Like so many big cities in the United States, there are many public transportation options available. With one card, called a Sube card, you can ride the subte (subway), colectivos (local buses) and the local trains. The local trains and certain bus lines take you outside the official city limits to nearby towns where many commuters live. You just tap the card to go through the turnstile or tap it on a machine when you enter the bus, and it automatically deducts the fare for your trip.