Rachel M's Journey to Spain

Current Location

Barcelona Spain

Hi there! My name is Rachel and I am on my way to Barcelona, Spain to study Spanish. I cannot wait to explore Spanish culture and spectacular Barcelona with all of you!


I have been in Barcelona for two full weeks, and these have been fourteen days full of adventure. Let me tell you a little about some of the cool things I have been up to!


Our time has come to an end. I am sad to see you go, but we have traveled so far and wide together. The world is still there to explore! It is your turn now. I wonder where you will choose to go...!

Field Notes

For our last field note, it's all about location, location, location!  Barcelona's geography has always influenced how the city grows and what kinds of developments are most likely.


This past weekend, I finally got to visit the BIG CITY: MADRID!! Come join me as I explore Spain's capital with my classmates!