Raimel's Journey to Japan

Current Location

Tokyo Japan

Konnichiha! Hello! My name is Raimel, but you can call me Ray. I'm living and conducting research in Tokyo, Japan, and am so excited to share my experiences in this incredible city with you! Let's go!


This week was finals week and so I stayed near my university to study. I didn't travel around much, but I did eat some delicious foods that I can show you.


Farewell! I hope you all had a fun and interesting time exploring Japan with me, but if you really want to get to know Japan, you have to travel there and learn about it by experiencing it yourself!

Field Notes

Many Japanese cities require large amounts of energy. Japan uses a variety of sources, among them nuclear, wind, solar and fossil fuels, to keep those bright and energetic cities up and running.


Many celebrations take place throughout Japan on New Year's Eve. Students at a local university performed traditional Japanese dances, songs and drumming for a community event in Beppu, Japan.