R'Mon's Journey to Thailand

Current Location

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Hello! My name is R'Mon Harvell and this semester I am submerging myself in Thai culture by studying subjects like Buddhism and daily communication (in Thai!) in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Join me!


Take a look at the wonderful travels I was able to do throughout some of my fall break!


As my time comes to an end, I would love to thank you all for following my journey and being so curious about the many adventures of which I have had the opportunity to be a part!

Field Notes

King Rama the Ninth, also known as Rama IX, began what is known as the Royal Project, which made him a famous and well-respected leader both during his lifetime and today as well.


Come with me to visit Doi Pui, one of the many mountains surrounding the city of Chiang Mai.  It's a very special place!