Sawatdee Ka and See You Soon!

Na Dun, Thailand
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Journal Entry:

I can’t believe it’s already the end of my first semester here at Nadoonprachasan School! Here in Thailand, the school year runs from May to March, with summer break happening in April. This week, I’ll wrap up the last of my classes for this school year. Then I’m going to volunteer at a nonprofit in the mountains of northwest Thailand for one month. Some of my students have been really worried that I’m leaving forever to go back to America, but I keep reminding them that I’m coming back! I’ll miss my students here, but I’ll be excited to greet them when we’re all feeling rested and refreshed for the new school year in May. 

As much as classes are winding down here, the town of Na Dun is gearing up for a huge event. On March 4th, the town will open the eight-day Pra That Na Dun festival with a huge parade, opening ceremony and carnival. From what I’ve heard, it sounds a lot like Jesse James Days in Northfield, but bigger. The students at my school have been practicing and preparing for the event for weeks. Every afternoon, around 300 of the female-identifying students gather to practice the Isan folk dances that they will perform at the festival. I’ve been learning with them, too!