Ruby's Journey to Taiwan

Current Location

Taipei Taiwan

大家好! Dà jiā hǎo! Hello! I am Ruby Zenteno, a current student and Fulbright Scholar at National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei, Taiwan! Join me as I learn the Mandarin lanuage and explore Taiwan.


In a city as bustling and diverse as Taipei, you can walk the same route every day and find new and interesting things to see, eat, smell and explore, even at night!


So much has happened since coming to live in Taipei! I've met lots of wonderful people, seen some amazing sights and had some unique experiences. It's all been unforgettable!

Field Notes

Explore the daily life of an elementary student here in Taiwan. What do you have in common? What are some differences?


Please join me in exploring some of the beautiful sights on the island, from beautiful rivers alongside the Shifen Waterfall Park to catching the sun from the top of Taipei 101!