Traditions in Israel


As I adjusted to living in Israel, there were two ways in particular that I was able to integrate into the community. The first was through hiking, which is a very popular hobby in this country. The activity was nothing new to the Israelis in my program, and it quickly became clear why they suggested international students bring hiking shoes! Secondly, during the semester there were many national holidays—specifically one joyous holiday called Purim. Thanks to hiking and holidays, I soon found my feet in Israel!

What tradition did I learn about?:

I was often told there that hiking is part of Israeli culture―much like how going to the beach is very typical for me back home in Puerto Rico. Israel has a National Hiking Trail that goes from the northern region of the country to the very south of the country, the part where I was living. This trail is very popular for both tourists and locals, and has many diverse features other than the desert hiking trails I saw around the kibbutz. As well as experiencing the hiking culture during my time in the kibbutz, I also experienced the holiday of Purim. This holiday is one of the most joyous celebrations in both Judaism and Israel, where people dress up in costumes, participate in parades and eat traditional foods.