Samantha's Journey to Austria

Current Location

Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey

This year, I'll be studying at the Universität Graz, or University of Graz, in Graz, Austria. I am hoping to become proficient in the German language, so I can easily speak with those around me!


This week in Graz, the weather is cloudy and cold and the country is facing some COVID-19 limitations.  Still, it's fun to explore a new place!  Let me share a little bit about my life here with you.


After spending the last few months sharing my life in Austria with you, I'll be saying Auf Wiedersehen one last time as we set off on our next adventures!

Field Notes

The defining feature of Austria's environment is the mountains that can be found throughout the country. These mountains have helped shape Austrian history as well as modern hobbies.


It's final exam season here in Austria, which means I've been doing more studying than exploring. Because of this, I've created an album of some of my favorite pictures of Austria from this semester!