In den Bergen: Austria's Mountains


Ready for this week's list of German words? Here are three that are important when talking about the environment in Austria! 

Schloss- Castle

Bergen- Mountains

Ski fahren- To go skiing

What makes this environment special or different?:

Austria is a country that is known for its mountains, or in German, Bergen! Most of the country is covered in mountain ranges, with the most famous being the Central Austrian Alps. Whether you've seen pictures of snow-capped peaks or have heard that the hills are alive with The Sound of Music, Austria draws in locals and tourists alike with its environment.

What parts of this environment help people to live here?:

For hundreds of years, the people of Austria have used the mountains to their advantage. Mountains act as natural barriers to keep people safe, so wealthy families began building their homes into the mountainside for protection. Eventually, royals liked this idea enough that they began to build castles on high peaks. Doing so made it harder for their enemies to reach their homes, and at the same time, people living in surrounding areas could look up at their elaborate buildings. Many of these castles still stand today.