Ir Palante Volunteering


I became interested in this organization after hearing about it from my program, Fulbright España. There was someone from my region last year who volunteered with this NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), I thought it would amazing to continue serving this program by volunteering myself!

What community need did I learn about?:

I learned that in Oviedo, there are certain areas that are poorer than others. Students in poorer areas do not have a place where they can go and get help with their school work. As an educator and cultural ambassador from the U.S., I felt that it was important to continue serving as a volunteer with an organization such as Ir Palante.

Why does the community have this need?:

The need for spaces where students can come and have help with their homework stems from the high populations of immigrant families who moved to Spain for a better life. As these families are working full time and need to use money to pay for bills and other utilities, they do not have the funds to pay for private tutors to help their children with their education. For that, I mostly work with students who are not originally from Spain, and some for whom Spanish is not their first language.